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5100 ES Series

5100 ES Series Portable Radio

Featuring AES encryption and the AMBE+2 Vocoder, which provides loud and clear audio, the 5100 ES portable radio is durable and interoperable.

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Project 25 Compliance: P25 Common Air Interface (CAI), P25 trunked and conventional communications, P25 Data, P25 Over-the-Air-Rekeying (OTAR), and Over-the-Air-Programming (OTAP) functionality are all supported.

SMARTNET® II and SmartZone® Trunking Protocols: EFJohnson is the industry's only supplier licensed to support both analog and digital SMARTNET II and SmartZone trunking protocols. ASTRO® trunking is also supported.

AMBE+2 Vocoder makes it the loudest digital radio available on the market today. Click here and hear the difference!

Submersibility Option: 1 meter, 30 minutes

Enables programming for up to 864 talkgroups

Full Mil Spec 810F Compliance

Encrypted Communications for wideband legacy systems and narrowband operation. DES enables secure voice communications in wideband channels; P25 DES-OFB and AES encryption provide secure communication in narrowband channels. Ask about our free Single Key DES-OFB encryption for P25!

Extensive accessory suite including: Lithium Ion battery (lighter and thinner than NiMH batteries, and lasts 12 hours), rapid battery charger (charges a portable radio battery in an hour), a line of Tri-Chemistry chargers (capable of charging NiCad, NiMH and Lithium Ion batteries), speaker microphones, carrying cases, and more.

Multiple Configurations:

  • Model I (no display or keypad)
  • Model II (display, basic keypad)
  • Model III (display, DTMF keypad with enhanced backlit display and backlit keypad)
  • Optional orange and yellow housings available

Additional Product Information

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Important Product Information


  • DES
  • AES (NIST Certificate #374)


  • P25 Conventional
  • P25 Trunking
  • SMARTNET/SmartZone


  • 700/800 MHz
  • UHF
  • VHF