Tier 2 Combat Land Mobile Radio (CLMR)

EFJohnson has established a train-the-trainer curriculum for this contract. The train-the-trainer option utilizes EFJohnson instructors to conduct training for designated customer trainers, who will then instruct the field equipment users.

Tier 2 Combat Land Mobile Radio (CLMR) Training Team

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Operate the EFJohnson 5100 ES Model I Radio.
  2. Read, write and edit profiles using PC Configure™.
  3. Create Encryption Keys & Load Keys into the radio using the Subscriber Management Assistant (SMA) key loader.

Go to the EFJohnson Tier 2 Combat Land Mobile Radio (CLMR) site to download manuals, documentation, view and download web-based training modules, and read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This link will take you to a password protected area for Tier 2 Combat Land Mobile radio users only.

For more information about EFJohnson's Tier 2 Combat Land Mobile Radio program, contact the EFJohnson Training Department

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