3800 Series Repeater Diagnostics & Repair First Echelon Maintenance Course

Course Number: 299-TRNG-902

Course length: 3 days

Minimum Students: 1

Prerequisites: FCC Licensed Technician

Course Description

This course is only available to technicians of service centers designated by EFJohnson to be authorized service centers to provide First Echelon level repair.

EFJohnson will provide the customer a Technical Training Course designed to introduce the Student to the various features, diagnostic, and repair techniques of all 3800 series repeaters.

Students will spend the majority of their time receiving Hands-on instruction from the Depot Repair Department Technicians. This course is Engineered towards operation, programming, trouble shooting, and repair of repeaters.

The customer’s technicians will be required to demonstrate the ability to use the proper equipment, diagnose failures to route cause, and repairing them to operational requirements. The training is classroom and lab-oriented, requires an operational system, and use of actual equipment.

Completion of this course results in Certification as an EFJohnson Certified 3800 Series Repeater Radio Repair Technician.