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Trunked IP25 MultiSite

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ATLAS simulcast systems solutions are configured for conventional or trunked operation. Typically they are deployed in regions covering moderate geographic areas, have limited frequencies available, and often require improved in-building radio coverage. Similar to other architecture options, these systems are organized on a functional basis such as Fire, Police, EMS, and Public Works. Simulcast systems have a single master site and multiple remote sites. The master site "synchronizes" the system timing so that calls are transmitted simultaneously at all sites for a given repeater channel, which reduces the quantity of frequencies needed for the system and simplifies frequency coordination. The ATLAS simulcast system supports analog conventional, P25 conventional and P25 trunked operation. Auto discovery, tuning, and network delay compensation result in quicker system turn-up and reduced maintenance activities. Conversion from a P25 conventional simulcast system to a P25 trunked simulcast system is made simple primarily via a software upgrade to the repeater channels.

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