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Trunked IP25™ System

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ATLAS trunked systems solutions have a shared pool of repeater channels for use among system user talkgroups. Typically, they are deployed in regions covering moderate geographic areas and/or have large quantities of users. Often these system talkgroups are organized on a functional basis such as Fire, Police, EMS, Public Works, and Mutual Aid. In trunked systems, the repeater channels at each site are divided into a "control channel" and multiple "voice channels." The "control channel" registers the radio into the system and dynamically coordinates radio talkgroup PTT (push-to talk) with any available "voice channel." The shared pool of repeater channels facilitates more talk groups and significantly more users than a dedicated repeater channel in a conventional system. The ATLAS trunked system is based upon industry-standard P25 operation which promotes interoperability and maximizes grant funding opportunities.

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