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Do you have an EFJohnson radio in need of repair?


EFJohnson Technologies invites you to explore the wide range of training courses available to you. Most of our training courses can be offered at your site or at our Technical Training Center in Irving (Dallas), Texas.

Visit the Training section of our website for complete details.

Download Manuals

Do you need a manual for an EFJohnson 5100/51SL, 5100 ES/51SLES, Ascend Portable or Ascend Portable ES, 5300/53SL, 5300 ES/53SL ES, Ascend Mobile or Ascend Mobile ES, 3800, 2600, or IP25 system?

Do you need a manual for an older EFJohnson product? You may download PDFs of those manuals from our web site.

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