Irving, TX- August 23, 2016- EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. and J&K Communications, Inc. signed a contract with Howard County to install the first ATLAS P25 Phase 2 trunked simulcast system in Indiana. EFJohnson’s ATLAS P25 critical communications system will provide county-wide coverage for over 30 public departments.

Howard County faced interoperability issues with their end-of-life EDACS® system. The County’s 911 Communications Director, Gary Bates says, “We’re upgrading to the latest P25 Phase 2 technology for future expansion, reliability, and continuity for the next 20 years.”

With patented modern coreless technology Howard County will be protected against system failures. Mr. Bates explains, “The main advantage of ATLAS system technology is that each site will have control which eliminates the worry of having one central core, especially in the event of a disaster or if we get hit by a tornado. This was one of the biggest selling points to me when choosing EFJohnson’s P25 technology.”

The ATLAS P25 Phase 2 solution includes:

  • 3-site ATLAS P25 Phase 2 Trunked Simulcast System
  • 1,600 KENWOOD Viking® P25 Dual Band & Single Band Radios
  • Zetron MAX Console System via CSSI

EFJohnson’s local partner, J&K Communications will build two additional towers to improve mobile and portable coverage across the county.

“Howard County conducted a rigorous public bidding process for this major project and we are confident we selected the best system available to meet our requirements,” says Mr. Bates. “Both companies have an excellent reputation in the industry and we are currently collaborating with them in the implementation phase.”

John Suzuki, President and CEO of EFJohnson stated, “We’re proud to partner with Howard County to make their system safe and simple with our ATLAS solution. Together with J&K Communications, we are committed to delivering the most modern P25 Phase 2 solution for the County’s public safety agencies and community.”

The new system will provide interoperable communications to agencies across the county including police, fire and EMS, public schools, highway departments, sheriffs’ departments, marshall service, and the county’s consolidated communications center. In addition, KENWOOD Viking P25 dual band radios will provide interoperable communications to volunteer fire departments throughout the County.