KAIROS Customers

Ideal for utilities, energy, education and manufacturing organizations, KAIROS conventional simulcast is a great fit for organizations that require wide area communications with limited frequencies.





Automatically switches between analog and digital modulation, according to the type of incoming signal.

IP Multisite Multicast & Simulcast

Integrates all the necessary protocols (such as, IP interfaces, voting system, automatic equalization, synchronization recovery, network management, etc.) for professional multisite networks.

UHF Linking

Provides RF interconnection among sites where the IP backbone is not available, carrying analog and digital signals. It is a mixed linking network (IP+UHF).

System Redundancy

Assembled as 1+1 (Main + Stand-by), it can support the backup Master functionality (a Slave station that automatically replaces the failed main Master, restoring all network functions). 

Soft Diversity Reception

This receiving technique is based on the vectorial treatment of two or more incoming signals. Soft diversity reducing the effect of multipath improves the audio quality and the effective RF coverage of the system.


Standards compliant SIP allows for integration with VoIP phone systems. RTP is used for integration into IP dispatching systems.