Irving, TX – October 28, 2008 – EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: EFJI) announced today that it is celebrating the 85th anniversary of its subsidiary, E.F. Johnson Company. Edgar F. Johnson started the company in Waseca, Minnesota, in October 1923.

“EFJohnson Technologies is proud of our lengthy tradition of providing innovative secure communications solutions to organizations who are involved in saving lives,” said Michael Jalbert, president and chief executive officer of EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. “Few companies reach the milestone of 85 years in business. We are one of the oldest and most respected names in the wireless communications industry.”

During the company’s 85 years in business, beginning as a mail order radio parts supplier in 1923, EFJohnson has attained numerous milestones and become a vital part of the wireless communications industry. The company established its roots in public safety in the 1930s when it installed a two-way radio in a police car. During World War II, the company dedicated 100% of its production capacity to defense needs. In the 1960s and 1970s, EFJohnson dominated the CB Radio market and two of the company’s CB Radios, the Viking Messenger I and III are in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution. In 1980 EFJohnson introduced ClearChannel LTR, the first trunked radio system, and 1989 saw the introduction of the Multi-Net wide area trunked system. Many of these systems are still in use today. The company was one of the first suppliers of wireless communications products to be fully compliant with the Project 25 standard for interoperability. The year 2001 brought the first multi-protocol portable, the 5100. In 2005 the company introduced the IP25 family of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based Project 25 compliant infrastructure systems, and introduced the Trunked IP25 MultiSite system in 2007. When the company introduced the ES Series of Project 25 compliant portable radios in 2007, it received the Hot Product award from Public Safety Communications magazine. E.F. Johnson Company was acquired by EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. in 1997.

This year also marks the 30th anniversary for the company’s Transcrypt International business, which is a leading supplier of voice privacy modules for analog two-way radios. The Transcrypt product mix includes a comprehensive line of scramblers, signaling modules, and programming products. “Our encryption business, marketed under the Transcrypt brand, has had a proud history,” Jalbert added, “This includes receiving the 2005 Exporter of the Year award from the Midwest International Trade Association (MITA), and being selected as a supplier of voice security modules for the US Army Military Bundle in November 2005. This bundle is protecting our troops in the War on Terror in Iraq.”

Jalbert concluded, “We are a company with a long history as well as a new beginning. Earlier this year, we integrated our three businesses into one operating structure. These actions allowed us to streamline the organization thereby reducing costs, and to leverage operating synergies integrating talent and technologies. As we move forward, we plan to continue developing new products and seeking new partnerships, continuing our role as a leading supplier of secure wireless communication solutions to those who protect and save lives.”