Irving, TX – May 22, 2009 – EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: EFJI) announced today that it has enhanced its award-winning ES Series of Project 25 compliant mobile and portable radios with Project 25 Packet Data and many other new features.

“We have added several innovative Project 25 Trunking features into our award-winning radios, including P25 Packet Data. Data in a land mobile radio opens up new applications for first responders. For example, the ability of a police officer to use a computer in their vehicle to run NCIC queries or get visuals and warrants could make the difference in an emergency,” said Michael Jalbert, president and chief executive officer of EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. “We have introduced Over-the-Air-Programming (OTAP) which enables you to provision new radio personalities without having to send the radios to a service shop. The radios are programmed over the air, which saves considerable time and administrative costs. Our new P25 Conventional features include an Out of Range indicator that transmits a P25 Data beacon at regular intervals to alert the radio that it is out of range, and automatic registration that registers a radio on the network when it moves from site to site. These features are ideal for radio systems covering a large geographical area.” The company is shipping these new features now, Jalbert added.