Irving, TX – June 26, 2009 – EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: EFJI) announced today that it has passed the factory acceptance test for delivery of its Conventional IP25™ infrastructure system in the Yukon Territory of Canada. When deployed, the system will provide secure interoperable communications for first responders within the territory as well as with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

“The Yukon Territory is 186,000 square miles, an area larger than California. It shares a large border with Alaska and is vital to the homeland security of both the United States and Canada,” said Michael Jalbert, president and chief executive officer of EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. “The system provides seamless roaming between trunked and conventional systems, which eliminates the need for dispatchers to manually route calls. Its fully distributed switchless architecture eliminates single point of failure. With common network management and dispatch between trunked and conventional systems, it substantially reduces capital expenses and operating costs.”

Added Sgt. Mark Groves of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, “This communications system will include 43 radio sites throughout the Yukon Territory, and will provide secure territory wide interoperable communications for our first responders.”