IRVING, TEXAS – August 17, 2012 – Recent news reports of the systemic failure of the public safety communications systems in a major city serve as a reminder of the need for smarter solutions like ATLAS. Through the use of innovative system architecture and engineering, EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. has raised the bar with its ATLAS P25 Systems Solution, offering outstanding reliability, resiliency and scalability. The impact of any single or multiple points of failure is mitigated with the use of a unique, patented distributed architecture, ensuring the safety of the general public and emergency responders even when disaster strikes.

 “The ATLAS P25 Systems Solution is designed to address the industry’s critical need for an interoperable, robust and scalable system that has the lowest total cost of ownership,” said Andrew Adams, president and CEO of EFJohnson Technologies. “ATLAS is crisis-resistant. It keeps working when others won’t. The use of EFJohnson’s innovative distributed architecture means that every site is independently capable of controlling all user communication, making the system resilient to multiple disruptions. Responders can count on ATLAS when it matters most.”

The ATLAS P25 Systems Solution was successfully launched at the 2011 Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International Conference & Expo, where it was recognized as one of APCO’s 2011 “Hot Products.” Over the past year, it has continued to be one of the leading mission-critical communications systems in the public safety marketplace by securing and deploying multiple ATLAS communications system solutions. EFJohnson has helped several Wisconsin entities such as Taylor, Douglas, Kewaunee and other counties to build and expand their public safety systems to seamlessly connect into the Wisconsin Interoperable System for Communications (WISCOM), a statewide communication system that EFJohnson recently completed for the State of Wisconsin.

ATLAS’ distributed architecture eliminates the need for an expensive central controller, enabling users to deploy a smaller system and expand as needs and budgets change. By simply adding new plug-and-play sites, the system is easily expanded with limited operational impact.

The ATLAS system is the first and only public safety solution with the ability to combine conventional and trunking into one system, creating a “hybrid” that is completely tailored to a customer’s unique environment. Counties that require multiple solution types for their public safety agencies, like Kewaunee, are able to use the ATLAS Hybrid solution to build and operate a mixed network with both ATLAS Conventional and ATLAS Trunked systems while seamlessly connecting into the WISCOM statewide P25 trunked system.

“It takes a lot of versatility to be able to operate as a system both locally and statewide,” said Kewaunee County Sheriff Matt Joski. “With EFJohnson’s solution, we were able to save taxpayers money by sharing resources.”

EFJohnson most recently received a contract to deploy an ATLAS P25 Trunked Simulcast System for the City of Waterbury, Conn. Most notably, the City of Waterbury will benefit from the ATLAS Simulcast solution, which has a Simulcast Manager integrated into every repeater.  The Simulcast Manager significantly increases redundancy and channel uptime, increasing the reliability and resilience of the P25 system for the city’s public safety users.

The company also plans to roll out a large multi-million dollar ATLAS P25 Trunked system for an international public safety customer by the end of this year.

The ATLAS P25 Systems Solution is designed to provide customers the most flexible, lowest cost of ownership solution in the industry. Those attending the APCO International Conference and Expo, are invited to booth #1713 to experience the future of LMR systems and see why public safety agencies and other state and local entities are choosing ATLAS and EFJohnson’s other mission-critical communications solutions as their preferred choice.