IRVING, Texas – September 4, 2012 – EF Johnson Technologies, Inc., one of the nation’s leading solution providers for mission-critical communications technology for emergency responders, announced today that it has been awarded a $4-million contract by the City of Waterbury, Connecticut, to deploy the next generation of the city’s radio communications system. EFJohnson will provide its ATLAS™ P25 Trunked Simulcast System Solution, a complete Land Mobile Radio (LMR) simulcast solution featuring the company’s patented, fully distributed architecture for outstanding reliability, resiliency and scalability.

“Uninterrupted communication between our emergency responders and public safety agencies is critical for them to fulfill their duty to protect and save lives,” said Andrew Adams, president and CEO of

EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. “Waterbury recognized that EFJohnson offers the most reliable, cost-effective option for deploying its communications system. We look forward to working with the city to provide them with a robust system that will address their current and long-term communications needs.”

The ATLAS P25 Trunked Simulcast Solution is designed to provide customers with the most flexible communications solution in the industry for the lowest cost of ownership. The system’s fully distributed architecture allows every simulcast site to control the entire simulcast network, making the system resilient to one or multiple failures across a wide-area network. ATLAS’ distributed architecture also eliminates the need for expensive central controllers or master sites, enabling users to deploy a more efficient multi-site simulcast system and allow easy expansion as needs and budgets change.

"EFJohnson's ATLAS solution is a great fit for the City of Waterbury. With the distributed architecture of the system, there is no need for an expensive central controller," said Vernon Riddick, Jr., Deputy Chief of Police. "The EFJohnson team also helped us reduce cost by reusing much of our existing infrastructure equipment such as antennas and combiners. They even re-certified our equipment and included it in the warranty with the system."

The City of Waterbury’s ATLAS P25 system will include three nine-channel, 800 MHz, P25 trunked simulcast sites using EFJohnson’s simulcast repeater.  The repeater includes the voter comparator and simulcast controller in a single unit reducing spares and operational cost. The use of an integrated simulcast repeater in a distributed architecture eliminates the need for prime and master sites while significantly increasing redundancy and channel uptime. The system will also include 10 StarGate™ Dispatch Consoles at the City of Waterbury’s dispatch center and four consoles at the new emergency operations center at Fire Station 11. EFJohnson’s StarGate consoles feature next-generation graphical user interfaces and superior audio fidelity, which minimize the risk of miscommunication. The user-friendly and highly intuitive display modules improve workflow and require little downtime for operator training.

Deployment of Waterbury’s ATLAS P25 system is expected to take place in 2013.