IRVING, Texas – September 25, 2012 – EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. understands that when it comes to mission-critical communications for our nation’s first responders, one size does not fit all. In order to meet a wide range of customer requirements and budgets, EFJohnson offers a comprehensive portfolio of subscriber solutions through its ES and Viking™ lines of portable radios for public safety agencies, public works departments, federal agencies, the military and other public service entities.

The Viking VP600 offers customers a high-quality, cost-effective portable radio that is packed with safety features,” said Andy Adams, president and CEO of EFJohnson. “While the response to the Viking VP600 from first responders has been tremendous, the ES series is popular among public safety agencies that are looking for a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing mission-critical features. The ES series continues to thrive and will remain one of our featured lines, complementing the Viking VP600 for a full line of public safety products to meet every customer need.”

Public safety agencies seeking a rugged, reliable radio option have made the Viking VP600 a top choice for new and replacement radios across statewide and city/county systems, including those with plans to seamlessly migrate to Project 25 (P25) Phase II. Its advanced audio and visual features, such as the top display with backlighting, industry leading 2.5 Watts of maximum audio output for crisp and clear sound, and the AMBE+2 vocoder to eliminate background noise, make communication effortless even in the most hazardous environments.  

In addition to its standard model, EFJohnson offers a Viking VP600 Federal configuration that is equipped with key security and programming features that are unique to federal agency, military and Department of Defense customers. The VP600 and VP600 Federal radios are now available in three distinct models across the 700/800 MHz, UHF and VHF bands.

The Viking VP600’s ease of use has resulted in a rapid rate of adoption. Over the last few months, the Viking VP600 radios have been deployed widely across much of North America including the States of Georgia, Wisconsin, Mississippi and California, as well as Latin America.

EFJohnson’s ES radios also offer a full range of public safety features to the state and local, federal, and military communities at an affordable price. Its features include front LCD displays, AES/DES encryption, and the AMBE+2 vocoder for superior digital sound. Within the ES series, the award-winning 51FIRE ES portable radio continues to appeal to firefighters. Features such as yellow housing, blade knobs and our FIRESafe™ software, a unique set of advanced software features tailored for the firefighter community, allow firefighters to focus on the mission at hand when exposed to unique environments with hazardous conditions. 

With the expanded product portfolio, EFJohnson’s dealer partners are able to better serve the varied needs of end users, whether it is feature set or budget constraints.

“We recently worked with two different municipal police departments that needed portable radios with public safety features, including encryption,” said Julian Milanes, General Manager for BetterPlan, one of EFJohnson’s dealer partners. “One of the departments selected the Viking VP600 because they wanted the advanced features, but the ES was more suitable for the second department, who had a more limited budget.”

Both the ES and Viking VP600 portable radio lines are compatible with Project 25 (P25) trunked and conventional modes. Additionally, EFJohnson is the only industry supplier licensed to support both analog and digital Motorola SMARTNET®/SmartZone® trunking protocols.