IRVING, TEXAS – June 20, 2016 – JVCKENWOOD Corporation and its mission-critical P25 solutions subsidiary, EF Johnson Technologies, Inc., won a multi-million dollar contract to deliver a P25 trunked system solution including radios and support services for the Taipei City Police Department.

The new ATLAS P25 system will improve coverage and provide fault tolerant, reliable city-wide communications. In addition, secure communications will play a crucial part in police operations to help keep the city safe.

The ATLAS solution is based on a no-license-fee business model. This will allow the City of Taipei to manage their budget accurately with upfront knowledge of the total cost of ownership. ATLAS patented coreless architecture will also protect the city from multiple points of system failure.

Over a four-year phased migration, the Taipei City Police Department will migrate from their obsolete EDACS® system to an 8-site ATLAS P25 Phase 2 trunked, multi-cast system including:

  • 7,000 KENWOOD NX-5000 radios with AES encryption
  • ATLAS key management facility encryption station
  • 9 StarGate® dispatch consoles

Akira Suzuki, Senior Vice-President & Executive Officer, JVCKENWOOD Corporation says, “By investing in P25 technology, the Taipei City Police Department will have a future-proof system. They will benefit from greater choice, and a solution that meets the needs of law enforcement in Taipei.”

Mr. Suzuki concludes, “This is a significant metropolitan communications project for JVCKENWOOD and EFJohnson. It is a true testament to our global presence as a complete, P25 critical communications provider.”

With a population of 2.7 million, the Taipei city police force operates 14 precincts and 94 police stations across its 105 square mile jurisdiction.