- Mix and match tracking methods to best meet your needs
- Build situational awareness of regular activity so that unusual activities stand out
- Define critical areas and increase alert levels
- Realtime confirmation on the arrival of assistance on scene

- Allows you to prepare procedures, and set up response team and reporting rules for automatic notifications
- Receive location information with all emergency calls including Man Down
- Improve reaction and response times to events
- Have high confidence in the last known location of workers


Trackuracy has standard outdoor functionality, such as alerts when someone leaves their assigned work area or expected route. The system also comes with alerting and reporting built around speed limits and adds basic fleet maintenance tracking.

The built-in tools allow users to track radio maintenance and repairs separate from their vehicle fleet.


RTLS helps you get the correct resources to the right place at the right time – with information visible to you as it happens, including real-time, live-action views, reporting and analytics. Data accuracy, low-energy Bluetooth and reduced radio bandwidth consumption, coupled with the ability to automate actions and notifications form the backbone of a Trackuracy system.

Trackuracy employs simple, reliable I-beacons and smart sensors, combined with GPS and the DMR or NXDN radio system you already have enables simple, cost-effective real-time tracking, reporting and recording of each person’s location and status; and because Trackuracy is available in two different feature levels, your solution can be customised to suit your budget and operational requirements.

- Receive location information for all emergency calls
- Trace contacts and areas needing sanitisation
- Increase productivity
- Shorten response times
- Document presence and responsiveness
- Reduce loss and liability
- Store and review reports to enhance safety and efficiency

- Locate people indoors
- Enhance worker safety
- Set up Response Team procedures and reporting rules
- Dynamically create a geo-fenced perimeter around an incident
- Supplement the radio emergency button
- Assess response times and resources to drive operations
- Respond more quickly to a ‘man down’ or emergency alarm


Trackuracy utilises Jetstream acceleration technology to report location data over networked Bluetooth sensors which replaces pushing data reporting through the radio system. On a traditional system, voice traffic and data services share the same bandwidth and where there are a significant number of devices or frequent data reports, data traffic consumes a large amount of system bandwidth which can limit functionality. By removing data traffic from the radio system, Jetstream enables thousands of position updates per minute without requiring LTE, using radio system resources or having to allow for additional channels to manage reduced voice capacity.


Trackuracy is a scalable, affordable solution designed to meet your specific needs and budget with configurations available to suit any requirement, from simple tracking to monitoring access to restricted areas or a comprehensive solution to identify employees’ location across your campus. Trackuracy offers two feature-rich tracking versions to provide different levels of accuracy and functionality:

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