Our experienced technical training staff offers several levels of subscriber training through our Performance+ Program. You can learn everything from the basics to get your radio programmed and on the air, how to troubleshoot a mobile installation, and basic Viking repair.

KENWOOD Viking Radio Programming Basics

Get an introduction to Armada programming and fleet management software. You will learn how to create a basic template to work on a P25 trunking system. This basic training consists of two online modules:

Basic Armada ProgrammingRegister

Armada Toolbar & Fleetmapping - Register

KENWOOD Viking Radio Programming Certification - Register

After you have learned the basics and would like to master advanced Armada radio configuration and programming, you can tackle the Technical Training for Armada which is comprised of online modules. Upon completion of the online training and successful submission and approval of a radio profile template, you will receive a certificate indicating that you are an Armada Certified Programmer.

Prescheduled quarterly classroom training is also offered at our corporate headquarters in Irving, TX.

KENWOOD Viking Radio Webinar Library – Access Library

Recorded webinars that cover specific Viking operational functions.

Field School

For more information on customized Field School options and our comprehensive Performance+ Program, please see our Performance+ Training Catalog.

For more information about our Technical Training Center or programs, please contact the training department:


800-328-3911 ext. 3